If ObamaCare is so good, why the delays?

As he so often does, George Will appearing Thursday evening on “Special Report With Bret Baier” distilled President Barack Obama’s latest delay (in a series of delays and bungling) in the implementation of ObamaCare to its essence:

If President Obama won’t stand-up for ObamaCare, who will?

That is THE question. And I know the answer — no one up for election will stand up for it.

Democrats are running for the hills from ObamaCare, knowing that if it is fully implemented it will cost Democrats the U.S. Senate and perhaps the White House in 2016.

So now, Barack Obama enacted the ultimate delay — he pushed back full enactment until he’s out of office.

Imagine that.

President Obama’s “signature” achievement won’t take full effect until he’s essentially flown the coop.

But this tactic won’t fool people.

American voters are smart enough to know that if the president really believed ObamaCare was good for people, he’d not delay it for one more day. He would have put his best and brightest on it from the beginning and had it implemented on March 1, as scheduled. He’d implement it come hell or high water, stand up to its critics like a man, and let the law prove for itself how great it is.

Alas, the president doesn’t have that kind of conviction. So he delays. And delays. And delays.

And that is just sad.