Invite-your-legislator-to-dinner week

In the wake of exposure to state Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford's "pay to play" scam, now might be the time for good citizens to test the sincerity of Sen. Horsford and his Democrat committee chairs.

As you will recall, Sen. Horsford sent a "fundraising" letter (I'd call it a "protection letter") to potential contributors offering a price list for access to he and his chairs who control the Nevada Legislature. Pay so much and you get a lunch. Pay more and you get a meal with Sen. Horsford and the committee chair of your choosing. Pay a lot more and you get dinner with Sen. Horsford and multiple committee chairs.

It doesn't get much uglier than that folks. When the shakedown hit the light of day, Sen. Horsford withdrew the letter. Then when the scandal built in intensity, he promised to return the money, though he won't say how much and to whom. He said he was sorry. He and many of his committee chairmen tried to disavow the obvious conclusion -- voters without money to contribute don't have access to their legislators. Horsford, et al said they will meet with any constituent.

I say we put these yahoos to the test.

Call Sen. Horsford or any of your local legislative reps and invite them over to the house this week to talk about legislative issues.

If you can even get through on the phone to one of these legislators to make the offer, let me know how it works out for you. Believe me, if this Horsford scam showed anything, it proved these legislators are booked to the highest bidders and you, my friends, ain't one of 'em.