Iran deal: The moveable Harry Reid

Harry Reid is for tougher sanctions against Iran.

Harry Reid is against tougher sanctions against Iran.

Brother, what a difference a weekend makes. Sometimes I just want to put my arm around my U.S. Senator and give him a big noogie.

Take a look at this timeline:

Thursday: Reid from the Senate Floor: "I will support a bill that would broaden the scope of our current petroleum sanctions, place limitations on trade with strategic sectors of the Iranian economy that support its nuclear ambitions, as well as pursue those who divert goods to Iran.

Sunday: NBC News with Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif: “If there are new sanctions, then there is no deal. It’s very clear. End of the deal. Because of the inability of one party (Democrats) to maintain their side of the bargain.”

Monday: Reid on Diane Rehm Show: "The way that I feel about it today is the same way that I felt about it last week. I said when we come back we'll take a look at this to see if we need stronger sanctions."

I can't speak to Harry Reid's feelings, but his words on Thursday were exactly the opposite of his words on Monday. On Thursday he didn't say we'd "take a look" at Iran sanctions. He said "I will support" tougher sanctions.

Yet, he fibs about it like we're all idiots not paying attention. 

I guess we should not be so shocked. This is vintage Harry Reid "leadership". Maybe he should just check beforehand with Iran's foreign minister so he'll know better how he feels.