IRS ‘lost’ emails: ‘Do you believe in the Easter Bunny?’

If the scandal alleging that the IRS, with the guidance of the White House, targeted tea party non-profits to prevent them from weighing in more effectively in the 2010 elections was, as the president has said, a partisan kerfuffle, it’s no longer that any more.

The IRS story just blew up with one of the most outrageous developments to take place in Washington in years.

The IRS now says, almost a year after Congress requested email traffic from Lois Lerner on the matter, that two years of Lerner’s emails have been “lost.”

Even Democrats loyal to the president have trouble believing that. And even if it were true that those emails were “lost” forever, why in the world would the Obama Administration wait for one year to tell Congress that?

This is now a full-on, Watergate-style scandal. If an independent prosecutor sounded unnecessary last week, it sure sounds reasonable now.

No one believes these emails were lost. So can those elusive emails be found and what do they say? Welcome to the last two years of Obama’s tenure as president.