It's Friday: Things I think about

Now that we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that President Barack Obama has the same trouble with telling the truth that the mayor of Toronto has with staying sober, it's time to set aside the hopelessly flawed idea called Obamacare and get back to the fundamentals of American health reform -- how to insure that all get better medical care without breaking the best medical care system in the world.
It's clear -- crystal, in fact -- that the Obama Administration is inept. It can't even get a website up and running even when it is given three-and-half years and an unlimited budget. To trust it now to remake the American health care system with all of its tricky moving parts is beyond the competency level of this crew.
Obama blew his chance. It's time to move him over and let those who can, do.
Paul Ryan would be my choice. He's been right about Obamacare down the line.  Let him take us forward.
If Jay Carney's daily briefings were a fight ...
It's hard to feel sorry for a guy who takes money to spin for the Obama Administration. What kind of Truth-O-Meter must a guy like that have? But you gotta admit, it's getting hard to watch Jay Carney these days, kinda like that fight scene with Paul Newman in "Cool Hand Luke."
Every day is a new beating. Watching the young Mr. Carney get that I-can't-believe-I'm-saying-this smirk wiped off his face with his painful new reverse spin to the forward spin of the day before is getting hard to take. 
Throw in the towel, man. This is getting ugly.
Lowering the bar on
The Washington Post reported this week that their inside sources say that the Obamacare website. will not be fully up and running on Dec. 1 as promised by President Barack Obama. What? Obama fib? Can you believe it?
The WashPo reports: "The insurance exchange is balking when more than 20,000 to 30,000 people attempt to use it at the same time — about half its intended capacity, said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to disclose internal information. And CGI Federal, the main contractor that built the site, has succeeded in repairing only about six of every 10 of the defects it has addressed so far."
The Obama Administration almost immediately thereafter came out to refute the Post report, but in the process the spokesfolk lowered the bar of expectations for the website.
Instead of saying that will be working as it should, as the administration promised just two weeks ago, the Obama spinners now say that it will be working for the "majority" of people who try to use it.
I guess that means that half the people who go on the website on Dec. 1 and thereafter will be frustrated. And that will be good by Obama standards.
These guys have no credibility. They are like the doctor who tells his patient that she has breast cancer and then adds: "But that's a good thing. Think of the weight you'll lose."
Thanks, doc. We need a second opinion on Obamacare and Obama.