It's Friday: Things I think about

Hope you all had as lovely a Thanksgiving, as I did. It started early with two big fat Las Vegas Review-Journals -- me looking at the news and the kids reading the "Black Friday" ads -- accompanied by one of those travel boxes of Starbucks coffee.

That, my friends, is how to start Thanksgiving.

We ate, watched football and hugged the kids. At the formal part of the meal in which we all sat down to prayer, I noticed that I was seated at the "old" part of the table. The kids were at the little table. The adults were at one table, with the younger generation on one end and the older generation at the other.

Conversation on my end included:

"How's your blood sugar?" "Did you get that lump checked out?" Etc, etc, etc.

I wish I were back at the little kids' table.

Thanksgiving II

Did you talk about Obamacare, as the president instructed?

We didn't. Period.

Best of luck

The young editor in Ely, Lukas Eggen, is moving on to Oregon for a job there. He came to Ely straight out of University of Nevada, Reno and distinguished himself. Won his share of awards at the annual Nevada Press Association competition.

We're going to miss his pen in Nevada. And I'll bet he'll miss the hunting, fishing and wide open spaces of Ely.

(Disclaimer: Aside from writing this blog and Sunday column for the Las Vegas Review-journal and other Stephens newspapers, I own the Ely newspaper and four other newspapers in Nevada and Arizona.)

Hatfields & McCoy

This piece in the National Review Online this morning by Wesley J. Smith merits your attention, I think.

He asks: Has politics become too much of a bloodsport? He cites this to begin his theory:

"I cite three examples of bad winning that sparked bitter political revenge-seeking: Nancy Pelosi leading a triumphant “I kicked Republican butt” parade of Democrats across Capital Hill on the day Obamacare was voted into law; George W. Bush glory-hogging with the tragically premature “Mission Accomplished” speech (he should have shared the stage with war-voting Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid); and, the recent filibuster power grab by Senate Democrats.

"We are becoming the political equivalent of the Hatfields and McCoys. Indeed, we may be so deep into the feud there is no clear way out."

American politics have been pretty rough and tumble. I'm not sure today is any worse than other times.

Coffee Cup Of The Day is from the Silver Cafe in Pioche. Great grilled cheese.

Frederick Fact: The average Thanksgiving dinner contains calories roughly equal to eating seven Whoppers. H/T Steve Tetreault.