It's a 'privilege' to be an American -- really?

One of the great lies perpetrated on Americans by the Obama Administration, Sen. Harry Reid, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Democrats in general is that it is a "privilege" to be an American.

The WSJ's Lawrence B. Lindsey bursts that stupid canard in this op-ed piece. It should be required reading for every American student.

Lindsey starts out by repeating Treasure Secretary Tim Geitener's statement last week (which is commonly repeated by Democrats everywhere as a so-called "talking point") that the "most fortunate Americans" should pay more in taxes for the "privilege of being an American."

What a bassackwards point of view on the American experience.

To which Lindsey responds that the founding fathers "argued that the basic rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (i.e., economic liberty) were natural rights endowed by our Creator, not by government. Second, the governing powers do not out-rank the citizens. Rather it is the citizens who grant government officials their 'just powers.'"

Read the entire piece here. I promise you it is worth your while.