Joker Ralston contorts to explain his own newspaper

Jon Ralston Tweets today that we should all look at this story to see how a "real" Las Vegas newspaper covers the "difficulty of Reid re-election."

He's such a joker. Actually, he's more than that. He must have a genuine disdain for the capacity of Nevadans to know the truth.

The "real" newspaper for which he speaks is, of course, his newspaper, the Las Vegas Sun." You will recall the Sun is the newspaper that on Saturday didn't cover the news that Nevada had become No. 1 in the nation in unemployment. It's also the newspaper that has never -- ever -- published a critical story about Harry Reid.

So, when you click to the story you find this headline: "How experts see route to victory for Harry Reid: Complicated". That's how the Sun rolls -- the best it can do in offering analysis of a powerful U.S. senator who has become immensely unpopular in his own state is to carry a story that says his "route to victory" is complicated.

C'mon man. What's complicated is the ethical pretzel Jon Ralston has bend himself into to make that statement.

And, look, you don't have to take my word for it. The Sun's automated "Sun archives" feature does it for you. Next to the "complicated" story are these stories on the Reid/Angle topic. Read the headlines and see the bias for yourself.

Sun archives

* Armed revolt part of Sharron Angle’s rhetoric (6-17-2010)
* Ad rings true of Sharron Angle on Social Security (6-16-2010)
* Senate candidate Sharron Angle left GOP in Reagan years (6-15-2010)
* Sharron Angle’s angle: Keep the spotlight on Harry Reid (6-10-2010)
* Bill Clinton rallies more than 800 for Harry Reid (6-10-2010)
* Sharron Angle wins; Harry Reid gets race he wanted (6-9-2010)
* Sharron Angle wins; Harry Reid gets race he wanted (6-9-2010)
* Sharron Angle vows to ‘take back’ Harry Reid’s Senate seat (6-8-2010)
* Sharron Angle campaign working to quiet Scientology question (5-26-2010)
* New solar manufacturing plant to create 300 jobs (5-15-2010)
* Harry Reid delivers when it comes to federal aid (5-2-2010)
* Harry Reid: GOP leader’s Wall Street reform comments ‘not true’ (4-22-2010)
* Will the Tea Party Express stop in D.C.? (4-18-2010)
* Sharron Angle gets Tea Party endorsement in Senate race (4-15-2010)
* Reid calling for comprehensive immigration reform this year (4-10-2010)
* Deal-maker Reid’s quiet persistence (3-28-2010)
* Democrats celebrate successes, raise cash at Jefferson Jackson Dinner (3-27-2010)
* Harry Reid makes campaign official, says ‘much work to be done’ (3-8-2010)

Postscript -- The writer of the "route to victory" story is former RJG reporter Anjeanette Damon who just signed on to cover politics for the Sun. Apparently, she'll stay up north to cover Reid's "route to victory." If the headline on your story didn't surprise you this morning, Anjeanette, then stand by for the journalistic shock of your life.