Las Vegas Sun: Go Harry go! Shish, boom, bah!

The closer we get to the election, the bigger the pom poms worn by the Las Vegas Sun. The editor and owner of the Sun is a loyal financial giver to the Reid campaign (ding, ding, ding!) Have you seen that disclosed ever in the Sun's political reporting on Reid? Pity his poor staff who as the election draws closer must cover the race as if they were themselves making an in-kind contribution to adhere more aggressively to the paper's pro-Reid party line.

Saturday's Sun was a good example. The banner story was a poll for the Retail Association of Nevada. Every other poll in the known universe -- including the latest R-J/Channel 8 poll taken last Monday through Wednesday -- shows the Angle/Reid race a toss-up. Yet the Sun, which pulled a punch earlier in the summer when it waited a month to report to its readers that Nevada had become No. 1 in the United States for unemployment, gut-punching the Reid and LVSun campaign theme that things were getting better -- banners the one poll that shows Reid one point ahead of the margin of error?

Take a look at the reporting on the Sun story for yourself. Read carefully in regards to the assumptions made by the poll. See the reporters trying as best allowed to tip you off that this poll is probably off. Yet, it is the Sun's banner story? Go Harry go! Shish, boom, bah!

If you want to see the correct snapshot of the Angle/Reid race, take a look at the R-J/8 poll.

And, if you want to confirm that the assumptions made by the Retail Association of Nevada poll are off, take at the week's trends according to Rasmussen.