Margins tax: Can Lucy Flores take a stand?

Assemblywoman Lucy Flores made her media debut for lieutenant governor on Monday on the local TV show “Ralston Reports.”

Rep. Flores had previously failed to take a stand on the margins tax. And she’s still straddling the fence.

Here’s a rough accounting of her evasiveness:

Jon Ralston: How do you stand on the margins tax?

Flores: I am trying to have a substantive conversation … we have chronically underfunded education in this state. There is a reason this is on the ballot.

Ralston: You don’t like the margins tax?

Flores: It’s not the solution that I favor.

Ralston: Should people vote for it?

Flores: It’s not the solution that I favor.

Sounds like a Clintonian waffle to me. She needs to plainly take a stand or plainly say she doesn’t have a position. Take a look for yourself.