McCain wins for first time in electoral vote tracking

        If you want to get a clear picture on this fine Saturday morning of Sept. 13 of just how close this presidential election shapes up to be, The Complete Las Vegan directs his loyal and involved readers to this website:

        If the election were held today, and all the latest statewide polls held, McCain/Palin beat Obama/Biden by two electoral votes -- 270 to 268. This is the first time (so far as TCLV went back) that this site has McCain hitting the magic winning total of 270.

        The turn around in the polls has been recent and dramatic. On Sept. 11, this site reported Obama/Biden with 273 and McCain/Palin with 238. Thirty days ago, before the VPs were picked, Obama was up 289/249.

        Clearly, and with no doubt, Palin has been the difference maker for the Republicans. For the Democrats, Obama's failure to find a way to swallow his pride and get Hillary on the ticket and/or get his arms round her voting base is the difference maker for him.

        This looks like a barn-burner of a race and it is obviously in a state of flux. For example, consider the race in Washington State, an Obama-leaning state. On Sept. 8, the Elway Poll had Obama winning the state 45/39. But only two days later, the Rasmussen Poll has Obama winning by only 49/47.

        For Nevadans, we are in the middle of it, too. That's why we'll see Obama and Palin in the state next week. We're in play. Right now, we are a leaner state for McCain. As I've said in previous posts, I think that's how we'll end up, but it won't be a big surprise if Obama finds a way to pull Nevada into his column.

        This is going to be a very close race. And right now if we were to take a picture of the flowing river, it is two women driving the race. One positively for McCain, and one negatively for Obama.