Mission accomplished, Obama style

HealthCare.Gov has been relaunched and the site remains an epic fail.

Yes, I know that the president is already out there trying to wallpaper the site with "Mission Acomplished" banners. But it's all a facade. It is all campaign balderdash.

The website is fundamentally insecure. And that is a shoe still waiting to drop.

Almost unbelievably the payment part of the system isn't built, even after having three years to do so. Not built?!

This means people can game the system to get bigger subsidies from taxpayers that they don't deserve.

And late Tuesday, the Obama folks announced a "work-around" that will allow insurance companies to estimate subsidies. The taxpayers will pay that amount immediately and then it will be trued-up later.

You must be kidding.

This site isn't ready by any standard, other than one set by the Obama government.

It is sad to watch our government throw away millions in insurance payments to make Obamacare look as if it is moving  forward.

What a sham.