The most abusive president since Nixon

Liberal supporters of President Obama walk a fine line this morning as they attempt to try to draw a line between the acts of Obama’s CIA and the acts of Obama’s IRS, VA, BLM, etc.

What the BLM did in the Bundy Ranch standoff is completely overlooked. What the IRS did to conservative non-profits is dismissed. And blame for the debacle at the VA doesn’t ever seem to find it’s way to the White House, where it belongs.

Yet, when it comes to Obama’s CIA spying on Congress — an outrageous act that is impeachable if it finds its way into the Oval Office — liberals want in the worst way to blow up the CIA without getting any residual blast on the president.

The so-called watchdogs of the press should just stop it. Follow the facts, dammit, and let them fall where they may.

In this case, we know the CIA lied about spying on Congress. Then, when exposed, the head of the CIA, John Brennan, had to apologize for it and say they people will be held accountable.

Of course, no one has been held accountable. And this week President Obama (through his WH spokesman) said the president has 100 percent confidence in Brennan. Well, at least he didn’t call it a “phony” controversy or say that there was not a “smidgen” of evidence. But how could be be “confident” in the Brennan if he didn’t know exactly what Brennan was up to?

Let’s get real. There’s a pattern here. And the common denominator is President Obama and his White House. And although the New York Times in this editorial outlines the outrageous abuses of the CIA, it can’t bring itself to point toward the White House or even mention the word “Obama”.

That’s journalistically chickenshit and I suspect the reporters at the Times know it.

What mainstream media needs to come to grips with is that on the economy Obama is indeed the worst president since Jimmy Carter. But in abuse of power, he may be worse that Richard Nixon.