No spending restraint, no justice

It took exactly one New York second for Barack Obama to pivot on his conciliatory post-shutdown tone and return to his partisan agenda of dividing Americans and trying to spend them into the ground.

His rhetoric to the contrary, President Obama is not above the problem. He is a key part of the problem. This is a divided government. Americans turned the keys of the House of Representatives to the GOP because they saw what a Democrat-controlled Washington, D.C., brings -- uncontrolled spending and horribly thought-out new social programs like the misnamed Affordable Care Act.

Elections do matter. But the president doesn't seem to get that. He wants to continue doing business like it was 2009.

Sorry, Mr. President. Most Americans want spending dialed back.

The president, in one of his many statements of denial, said the recent government shutdown served no useful purpose because "the deficit is getting smaller."

What a bunch of hooey. He jacked up the deficit higher than it has ever been. The only reason the deficit is getting smaller is because fed-up Americans in the form of the tea party pushed elected enough officials to put the car in reverse.

That movement brought us sequestration, which as time goes by will cut government more and more, taking President Obama kicking and screaming all the way. It is the "law of the land" as the president says when it suits his purposes. Get used to it.

If we had a president truly in tune with Americans, we'd see Mr. Obama negotiating early and often with the GOP and his own party to significantly get in front of shutdown deadlines and avoid the unnecessary brinkmanship.

But, alas, President Obama is not in tune with America 2013. That means more brinkmanship is on the way.