Nothing like 'Super Tuesday'

Forget that other Super Tuesday related to the presidential campaign.

I attended my own Super Tuesday making my annual pilgrimage to baseball Spring Training in Scottsdale. And it was be-ute-iful, as always.

Monday night my lovely assistant and I attended the charming San Francisco Giants ballpark and saw Matt Cain face the Milwaukee Brewers. It was a night game and the weather was behaving like a Chamber of Commerce PR release.

On Tuesday, we visited the new Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies facility in Scottsdale. We saw the D'backs face the Texas Rangers. It's a great facility. Big and fan friendly.

A picture of the game can be found below. Two things to note. First, look at the outfield "cheap seats". In my opinion, that's the way to experience Spring Training. Second, in the bottom right you will seen Nevada baseball great Matt "Carson Crusher" Williams coaching at third base.