Now Democrats want a delay? That's rich

After fighting Republicans tooth and nail to oppose a delay in Obamacare, forcing the government into a shutdown, a growing number of Democrats now say the new health care program should be delayed.


Look, here's what's going on. President Obama totally botched the rollout of Obamacare. He spent way more than he should have and the president took three and half years to do it. The result: His website flat-out doesn't work.

Now the president tells the nation that he's fed up with the website failures (like he's somehow disconnected from his own administration) and he's now bringing out the "best and brightest" to fix it.

You ... have ... got ... to ... be ... kidding. Now he's bringing out the "best and brightest?"

This debacle rests entirely on the Obama Administration. The fact that the president is only now bringing in the "best and the brightest" (which you'd have to be a dimwit to believe), that he has not fired one person working for him, is only now sending signals that he may support a delay in the rollout when he could have done that earlier and saved us the pain of a government shutdown, goes straight to the idea that America is run by one of the most inept presidents ever.

This is just the beginning of a long Obamacare nightmare for Americans.