Obama endorses Ground Zero mosque

There's something wrong with building a mosque so close to Ground Zero in New York City. And there must be something wrong with President Obama who now directly endorses the project.

The issue isn't the First Amendment. No one is saying the project doesn't have a right to build. The question is should they build, given the death and destruction at Ground Zero that was perpetrated in the name of Islam by al Queda.

So, unless there is a outbreak of propriety and sensitivity among the Muslim community in New York City, this project is going to get built with the blessing of Barack Obama. Let it be a monument to the president's political correctness.

In giving his blessing, President Obama said that we must separate Islamic terrorists from peace-loving Muslims. That's fair. So, Mr. President, since the funding for the project to this day remains a mystery, can you assure us that not one dollar for this mosque comes from al Queda or any other like-minded Islamic terrorist?