Obama the great divider

The vast expanse of this Internet space thingy has a funny way of reminding us just how right (or wrong) we can sometimes be. Consider this column of last September when I predicted that Obama was not going to bring the country together on health care "reform" and instead would have to ram it through over the heads of Republicans and the American people.

You can re-read a portion of the column below ... or find the full column here.

"After nine months, Americans have begun to make up their minds about this president, and the growing conclusion is this: On the menu of competency, this leader of the free world is one taco short of a full combination plate. He's undisciplined (see smoking blog item below), snooty and less gifted than initially thought, making him ill-prepared to grasp greatness, even when history offers it.

"Time and again, in a pinch, this president has shown himself a pedestrian thinker unable to move himself, much less anyone else, beyond partisan politics. Because of that (and I'm sorry to say it) his presidency is likely to fall short at a time when America could use a healthy dose of excellence.

"His speech on health care "reform" last week before Congress illustrated the point perfectly ...

"Instead of inspiration and consensus, he bared his ideological fangs and called his way the "moral imperative" highway to "real" (translation: "radical") change. He couldn't have been more holier-than-thou as he slipped into his trademark snotty tone to dismiss critics and further ignite partisanship. Instead of elevating the debate, he widened the divide, which I suspect now dooms a health care "reform" bill from passing Congress with any kind of bipartisan support ...

"Look, if I may be so bold, Mr. President: A nation cannot live on eloquence alone. Speeches without substance wear thin quickly ..."