Obama wants to hurt Americans hard

I'll be very interested to see what local reporting around the nation digs up in regards to the federal government's assertion that sequestration budget cuts will significantly delay air travel. The Associated Press is reporting that after only one weekend air travel delays are taking place.

So far, the president has a horrible track record in making such predictions. Last Friday he said congressional janitors would take a pay cut immediately. That proved false. His education secretary said teachers were being fired. That proved false. ICE released thousands of illegal immigrant prisoners days BEFORE the budget cuts ... and so far no one has been able to explain who made that bonehead decision. The White House claimed the president didn't know a damned thing about it. Amazing.

Given the way the president positioned himself on the cuts, I don't think it is unreasonable to think he wants the cuts to hurt the American people as fast and as hard as possible so as to improve his political bargaining power. Of all the things to cut in government by a crummy 2.4 percent, you release prisoners and delay air travel first? Doesn't make sense.

But then just about everything this administration says about the economy and the budget doesn't make sense.