Obama's controversial presidential library

The best anti-Obama bumper sticker I've seen was in Albuquerque. It read: "Obamanos." It's probably in other cities, too. But I've only seen it in New Mexico.

Now comes another very funny public speech display in New Mexico. A guy in little Tucumcari has placed a sign over an outhouse that reads: "Obama's Presidential Library."

That sparked KOAT-TV in Albuquerque to dispatch a crack news crew (called "Target 7") to investigate. They asked the town's manager whether "the city was doing anything about the sign." The town manager said he'd take a look, but didn't think the city could control the speech of citizens.

Apparently unaware of the value of free speech and not to be undone, Target 7 then asked whether "the sign may give (Tucumcari) visitors a bad idea?" The town manager said he hadn't seen the sign yet.

The owner of the sign said the sign is "my opinion ... and fortunately, that's one thing they haven't taken away from us ... is our right to our opinion."

Don't be so sure, buddy. Target 7 is on the job.

You can see the report here. Not the best example of a feisty, free and unfettered American media.