The only case for global warming

As fans of this place of Internet refuge from intellectual tyranny know, I’m suspicious of the modern iteration of global warming. The science is conflicting. It takes extremely short-term results and extrapolates them to reach convenient “truths.”

Most suspicious of all is how the fix coincides with a certain stripe of political thought. It’s a marvel when progressive elitism meets The Inquisition.

Anyhow, for residents of the West I ran into this bit of information from the book “The Great Basin” by Catherine S. Fowler and Don D. Fowler.

Here are the climatic periods for Nevada and parts of Utah, Idaho and California:

9700 BCE — End of the Pleistocene epoc, or last Ice Age.

9700-6500 BCE — Early Holocene — warming climate and the waning of late Ice Age, or Pluvial, lakes.

6500-2000 BCE — Global warming and droughts of different intensities.

5670 — Erpution of Mount Mazama, ash plume spreads widely across Great Basin and northern Rocky Mountains.

2000-present — Late Holocene: cooler and wetter with the gradual advent of modern climate.

1450-1850 — Little Ice Age: cooler climate, resurgence of mountain glaciers.

1850-present — Period of warming: drier climate.

So, if you say global warming is real, I’m with you if you are referring the context above. And, as you can see, so is global cooling.

But count me out of the global warming as advocated by the Harry Reid types. Something else other than science is afoot there.