Palin on her way to help Angle

I never doubted Sarah Palin would support Sharron Angle in a big way in her bid to upset Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Now comes word from The Daily Caller that the Palin cavalry is on the horizon. You can read the report here.

Will Palin's active involvement in support of Angle help her?

You bet.

It's the X-factor that the Reid camp most dreads. Despite spending millions to throw everything but the kitchen sink at Angle thus far, the Reid campaign can't open any kind of substantial lead. That's a bad sign for Sen. Reid, who has long maintained a big disconnect with most Nevada voters. According to the last Review-Journal poll, Angle has closed the gap to come within 2 points of Reid.

So, as summer breaks into fall, the Angle/Reid race shapes up to have President Barack Obama in Reid's corner and Sarah Palin in Angle's corner.

In the political parlor game of who helps who the most, it's not even close. One Sarah Palin equals three Barack Obamas when it comes to energizing and connecting with the Nevada voters.