Queen Hillary — don’t make eye contact

Love her or hate her, Hillary Clinton could not look much more out of touch as information comes out on her speaking engagement at UNLV.

She’s going to charge the struggling school $225,000 to speak at the foundation’s fundraiser. It’s a cut rate, her people say, as if she’s doing the public university any favors. In a Sunday piece by Las Vegas Review-Journal’s stellar political reporter Laura we find out about all the other things Queen Hill wants to come down from the presidential wannabe mountaintop to speak to the little people.

She must stay in a presidential suite. She must ride in a private jet of a certain size, the stage must be of certain specifications. It’s amazing she doesn’t have a “Streisand rider” that prohibits eye contact with workers and students.

Anyway, read the story for yourself and ask yourself, is this the kind of person you want as president? We already have one with similar royalty traits. Do we want another. My favorite tweet after the story broke made note that Hillary was planning to go to a fundraiser in Iowa “but per rider she’ll be carted in a chair by shirtless slave boys.”

Hillary Clinton deserves all the derision she gets over the UNLV speaking deal.