The R-J conducts a scientific poll; competitors puke and mewl

The twittering class chirped anxiously over the weekend about the audacity of the Review-Journal's political polling that appeared in the newspaper Sunday and late last week. The governor's poll can't possibly be right, cried one Reid friendly columnist. Beloved Rep. Dina Titus can't be losing to Dr. Heck, others whined.

Chirp, chirp, chirp. Tweet, bitter tweet, bitter tweet.

Here's the truth: Our competitors hate Review-Journal polls because they undercut the biases of Nevada's chattering political class. They'd prefer you listen to their flawed (and sometimes worse than that) analysis, than the facts of a scientifically conducted poll.

When the Review-Journal conducts a poll, readers are given the facts as we can best measure them. Others who broker their careers in subjective and skewed political analysis with an ax to grind are rendered irrelevant.

And that's a good thing for Nevada. If our competitors don't like the results because they don't reinforce their own biases, then they are welcome to spend the bucks and do the scientific surveys, too. They don't because it costs money they don't have and if done honestly they will mirror the Review-Journal polls.

You can find our latest poll on the governor's race here.

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