Reid and Obama sittin' in a tree ...

 First Obama. Now Harry Reid. Man, has anybody noticed that there's a whole lotta gay evolution going on these days.

Vice President Joe Biden last Sunday said he was "completely comfortable" with same-sex marriage. Then, a few days later, President Barack Obama "hastily" announced what the New York Times reporters obediently called a "wrenching personal transformational" in supporting the idea of homosexual marriage on a state-by-state basis.

Now comes Harry Reid, a Mormon, I think. He also says he's now evolved on the same-sex marriage issue. He's all for it now.

I hate to interrupt all the heavy breathing going between the Democratic Party and the national news media on this, but isn't all this so-called "evolution" and gay soul searching just a little too convenient?

All these guys suddenly, and in remarkable sync, have transformed on the issue?

I'm not buying it. It sounds more like a coordinated election-year conversion to me. Some strategist somewhere has done some polling and told the party that a little evolution would be a good thing for them in November.