Reid's energy policy advisor doubles stock bet on renewable-energy firm

The Wall Street Journal reports this morning:


"WASHINGTON -- Chris Miller nearly doubled his $3,500 stock investment in a renewable-energy firm in 2008. It was a perfectly legal bet, but he's no ordinary investor.


"Mr. Miller is the top energy-policy adviser to Nevada Democrat and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who helped pass legislation that wound up benefiting the firm."

The story goes on to say that Jim Manley, a spokesman for Reid's office, defended the practice. Then on Sunday, Manley changed his tune to condemn it.

Miller and 72 other aides (Democrat and Republican) traded shares on companies that their bosses oversee.

Reid media apologist Jon Ralston has already Tweeted the party-line spin on this ugly story by emphasizing that Reid condemned the action of his aide. Not fully accurate, of course, but what else do you expect.

You can read the full story (sans the Reid spin) for yourself here.