Smelling the ‘stench’ of Harry

By now just about everyone in Nevada knows about the latest examples of Harry Reid getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

This time he spent a more than $16,000 to buy jewelry from his granddaughter Ryan Elisabeth Reid. It was for donor gifts, he said.

When the Federal Elections Commission questioned the expenditure, Sen. Reid promptly reimbursed his campaign out of his own pocket.

There’s no need to go through chapter and verse of the Epistle of Harry to Nevadans. I’ve been telling you that he’s been dealing his influence for himself and his family for decades. It is good for others to recognize it so plainly.

If there’s any lesson from today’s parable it is that we’re coming to the end of the Reid chronicles and he’s getting ever-more bold in ways to enrich himself and his family.

In this case, Harry Reid, I think without question, knew it was wrong to use campaign funds to funnel cash to his granddaughter’s business. That’s why he coughed up the cash immediately rather than fight it.

What’s so damning about this case, however, is that he tried to hide it by reporting it as a vendor reimbursement to a “Ryan Elisabeth.”

When the FEC asked who “Ryan Elisabeth” was, Harry admitted up it was his granddaughter’s business — “Ryan Elisabeth REID.”

Unless you are willing suspend reality and think he suddenly forgot the last name of his granddaughter, this is a smoking gun on what Reid was trying to pull off.

And thus ends the lesson.

PS: Stephens Media Washington Bureau subsequently reports that the $16,000 deal isn’t the only one. “Fresh disclosures on top of those made in recent days show Reid’s political organization paid his granddaughter $31,249 in 2012 and 2013.” Reid says he’ll repay.

PPS: There’s been more to the Ryan Elisabeth Reid entanglement that involves local philanthropy groups and (gasp) my own beloved Smith Center. (Fred Smith, please tell me it ain’t so.) You can read about it here from Ralston Reports, which says the RER gifts fill the room with “stench.” You can bet there is more bottom-of-the-deck dealing for those in the media willing to dig.

PPPS: For giggles, I’m looking forward for the Las Vegas Sun to give us the Reid alibi soon.