Someone in Nevada needs to say it — allow me

Dear Gov. Brian Sandoval: Nevada’s health care exchange sucks wind and no one is to blame but you.

As regular readers of this column and my blog know, I’m a big fan of the governor. He’s been excellent for Nevada, IMHO. He’s a voice of sanity in an ever-polarizing world.

I think he’s presidential material and ought to get more attention from national Republicans.

But, sir, you are not getting the job done with Nevada’s health care website. Yes, your spokesfolks are saying the right things about how you care and how you’re putting the pressure on the website vendor.

But you are in charge. This failed on your watch. You bear the responsibility. Fix it. Bust some heads, even in your own administration, if necessary.

You can read more on the woes in this fine Review-Journal piece by Jennifer Robison entitled:

“Troubling contract provisions suggest poor management from the start”