Study: Green Meanies more likely to steal, cheat

To all my organic eatin', Prius drivin', lefty friends, this blog item is not about you. All of my political left friends are good people trying to do the right thing. Misguided, to be sure, but trying nevertheless.

For the rest of you, however, this new study will explain why the political left is, as a general rule, a less happy group.

I'm not kidding you. This study says that those of you who wear the so-called halo of green consumerism are less likely to be kind to others and more likely to cheat and steal.

"Virtuous acts can license subsequent asocial and unethical behaviours," researchers found. Green meanies also are less willing to share.

Hey, don't blame me. Conservatives have known this about liberals for a long time. Just glad there's finally a study to quantify it.

But of course, none of my liberal friends are like this.