Stumblin', bumblin' through Obamacare

Deep down most everyone (including Obama fans) knew implementing Obamacare wasn't going to be easy.

Congress, with Sen. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi at the helm, rammed through a law they themselves didn't fully understand. It wasn't property vetted. As a result, no one knew exactly what Obamacare was until it began to be implemented.

The many promises the president and Democrats made about keeping your own doctor, making health care more affordable, etc., have proven false.

And now comes another failed promise -- a big one. Health insurance exchanges for small businesses won't be coming this October, as promised. The Obama crowd announced they can't get it done in time and it will have to be postponed another year -- at least. They've had three years to implement it (which was plenty of time). Now they need four?

What this means is that people in Nevada and throughout the nation, who were promised Obamacare would provide more choices for health care, find themselves out of luck.

It was supposed to work like this year -- small-business exchanges would be set up by the Obama Administration to let small employers pick a benefit tier to offer their employees. Employees would then be able to select from a variety of plans within that tier.

Because of the delay, the exchanges run by the federal government will only allow employers to pick a single plan and stuff all employees into it. No choice for employees. States running their own exchanges will have the option to offer choice, but won’t be required to do so.

Look, there's no way sugarcoat this. Democrats should stop making excuses for this president (that expecially means you, Harry Reid) and start pushing him to get his act together. Being president is more than talking big, attending fancy parties and reading a teleprompter.

If health care reform is ever going to work -- and brothers and sisters, is that ever a crap shoot -- we're going to need all this inept stumblin' and bumblin' to end.