The Sun shines on Harry only

The latest Rasmussen poll shows another dead heat in the Angle/Reid race for U.S. Senate. That's in line with the Review-Journal polling and virtually all other polls.

Yet, the one poll that showed Sen. Harry Reid up by 5 points is the poll bannered and ballyhooed in the Sun last week. The poll used an odd mix of Republican and Democrat responses. Yet, even knowing that, the Sun took the opportunity to write a headline on this stray poll that proclaimed Reid (finally!) inching away from his pesky opponent.

Well, now comes today's Rasmussen poll. And, oops, it's still a dead heat. Will the Sun banner that? Perhaps say that Sen. Reid has now faltered and fallen back into a tie?

Not a chance because at the Sun journalism takes a back seat to unwavering and fawning support for Harry Reid. Between now and election day, you can bet the newspaper's every day theme for reporters, columnists and editors is going to be "Harry Reid smart, Sharron Angle crazy". No deviation from the party line, no matter what happens in the news with Sen. Reid's next weird gaffe (and you know there will be one) will be allowed.

Postscript -- As predicted, the Sun did not publish yesterday's Rasmussen poll again showing Sen. Harry Reid in a dead heat with Sharron Angle. Virtually every poll from various sources has come up with the same "dead heat" result. Yet, last week the Sun bannered an outlier poll that showed Reid up by 5 points. Expect this kind of partisanship embedded in the Sun's news coverage from here until election day.