Take Biden, the fool, off the ticket

The previous blog item, which, if I do say so myself, made an ironclad case using Obama's own campaign ads for why Vice President Joe Biden is unqualified to be on the ticket again this year.

The fact that he remains so is a testament to President Obama's lack of judgment.

But now let's move on to another reason Say-It-Ain't-So Joe is a liability for the president and should be replaced: He's a walking gaffe.

Last Sunday, Biden appeared on a newsmaker show and endorsed same-sex marriages. That's a position directly at odds with his boss and opened up a line of questioning that continues today to embarrass the White House. He also called Mitt Romney "President Romney" and Obama "President Clinton."

Here's a graph from liberal writer Dana Milbank's Washington Post column:

"Biden hadn’t planned to make news about same-sex marriage or to endorse a position on the issue. The gaffe-prone vice president had been relatively on message for months. But on Sunday, he referred to the likely Republican presidential nominee as 'President Romney' and to his own boss as 'President Clinton.' And he inadvertently set off a frenzy on same-sex marriage, not because his position was surprising but because it made Obama’s look all the more absurd."

Catch the rest of the column here for another convincing take on why Obama ought to get rid of Biden and replace him with someone who at least knows who the president is.