Truth is not secondary

Local political blogger Jon Ralston, in another one of his twerk-like rampages, essentially is trying to to make the case that I, and the Las Vegas Review-Journal don't correct mistakes. He calls the R-J the "newspaper" and generally resorts to name calling and other juvenile tactics.
It's a big lie, of course. Those of us who know the blogger know his shtick. But for those who may be new, let me give you the straight scoop. 

My Sunday column included a quote from an interview by Warren Buffett that was initially reported as being made last week. I used part of that quote in my column. After the column was written, it turns out that the interview was done in 2010 and not last week. 

I saw the problem early Sunday morning, alerted the paper, and corrected it online before 9:30 a.m., correcting not only the timing but also pointing out that the quotes from 2010 don't "fully express" Buffett's thoughts on ObamaCare now. Later in the day, someone at the paper eliminated that note and simply corrected the body of the column to eliminate the timing issue. That was not my call, but, meh. Monday we discussed the issue and for extra measure put a correction at the top of the column.

I am very fine with all of that. It was a little clumsy, but I and the newspaper corrected the error three different ways. And we corrected it immediately. That's the way we roll. We don't try to tip-toe around, or hide, errors, because our obligation is to readers first.

Yet Ralston, who has burned almost every media bridge in Nevada in his turbulent time here and doesn't exactly have a track record for ethics, has continued to falsely say that I and the Review-Journal have not corrected the story. That's either lazy or willful on his part.

And it's par for the course with this guy. It's almost as if he's got some kind of personality defect that causes him to froth and twerk at those he perceives as enemies. Believe me, throwing journalistic stones is unwise in the extreme for him.

And now he's extending his fit to me blogging about a national story that alleges that a group of Democrats, including Nevada Rep. Steven Horsford, "walked out" of a committee hearing in Washington, D.C., in which family members of those killed in Benghazi were to testify. 

Again, this is clinical for Jon Ralston. The local media member who initially raised the story was KDWN radio talker Alan Stock, who reported the story and said that when he tried to get the congressmen on the air to comment, the congressman's office hung up on him. 

(Horsford's staff deny both, BTW.) But the fact that the morning drive guy on the largest radio station in Las Vegas was teeing off on a local representative, is worth mentioning. Ralston didn't think so.

But here's the point, if this were Jon Ralston who was stiff-armed by a local politician who wouldn't come on the air for his TV show or comment for his blog, Ralston would be crying bloody murder and asking other media folks to help him shame the politician. 

That's how he rolls. It's all about him, and not much about journalism. 

As for me and my newspaper: Truth is not secondary, nor is it a blood sport.