'But wait, there's more!'

After proof positive that President Obama sold us a bill of goods on Obamacare when he said, "If you like your (health care) plan, you can keep it. Period," the president doubled down on the lie today in Boston.

We know now based on investigative reporting that the president knew what he was saying was false. The proof is in the pudding with millions of people who are happy with their plans and their doctors receiving notices that because of Obamacare they can't keep their plans and doctors.

Yet today in Boston our president actually repeated the lie and tried to justify it by saying that people who are getting kicked off of their existing plans will get "better" coverage under Obamacare. That, of course, will not be true in all cases. Yet it rolls off his tongue as if there is no moral filter for him. He essentially gave the classic excuse that dishonesty to achieve the ends justify the means.

What a performance of denial. He's returned to his political sales job. You expect him to end his sophistry with: "But wait, there's more!"