What is a warship, Mr. President?

What is a warship? That’s easy. It’s a large converted car ferry filled with doctors and nurses who take care of sick and injured people.

Wait! What?

Now back to reality. Only in the world of make believe can a hospital ship be called a warship. But that’s just what the Obama administration is doing when it reports the U.S. Navy fleet as grown from 283 to 293 ships.

In an op-ed piece this morning in the Wall Street Journal, former director of the U.S. Naval Institute Steve Cohen lifts the veil of idiocy on how President Obama now classifies an American warship.

It involves hospital ships being called warships and small patrol vessels getting counted as true oceangoing capable ships of war. You can read the story here. Read it. Pray for peaceful conclusion to this incompetent and Orwellian rule.