What will Harry do as Dems run away from Obama?

The national topic of the day this Sunday on "CBS Face the Nation" focused on the political poison that has become President Barack Obama for Democrats.

If you missed it, you can find a story here. Among other things, here's what guests had to say.

CBS Congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes said: "There's a lot of frustration on Capitol Hill among Democrats who feel like the President led them down this path. They didn't all necessarily want to deal with health care. This was on the president's agenda, and then they felt like he kind of hung them out to dry."

And Jim VandeHei, the executive editor of Politico, said: "Not a single Democrat has run an ad in support of the health care bill since April."

President Obama has been to Las Vegas twice in support of Harry Reid. The last visit in July, the president and Reid embraced warm-heartedly and played up health care legislation and the stimulus plan for economic recovery.

Now, with some 60 days left to election day, will Reid buck the trend of fellow Democrats and re-invite Obama to Nevada for the home stretch? It's a tough call, I think.

Polls show that most people have pretty much made up their minds between Sharron Angle and Harry Reid. There's realistically only a small percentage of voters who are now gettable for either Angle and Reid. Does Harry risk pushing those folks away because of the unpopularity of the president? Or, does he go all-in with the president, the stimulus and health care.

Reid first tried to convince Nevadans that he was "too big to fail" because of his stature in Washington. Nevadans were unconvinced. (Paging Howard Cannon, BTW.) He then tried to paint his opponent as "too extreme" for Nevadans. That also seems to have run its course with Angle now moving up into a dead heat with Reid in the polls. So, my bet is that Reid will be one of the few Democrats to more closely embrace the president in the closing weeks of the election. It's a gamble that may well cost him his political life.