Where is Harry on Syria?

As one of the rare Nevada journalist who dares to give Sen. Harry Reid any kind of critical look, I feel obligated to weigh in on the National Journal's question on where in the world is Reid on military action in Syria.

Well, he's in the vicinity of his bat cave in beautiful, downtown Searchlight where he is splitting his time closely studying the "negro dialect" and monitoring the discussions between Washington, D.C., and Damascus.

And as for the question of why he's been low key on statements regarding Obama's request to move militarily against Syria, let me assure you that if the past is any indication, then whatever Obama wants from the U.S. Senate, Harry Reid will be right there to give it to him.

Reid has been so closely pressed against the backside of President Obama for five years, there are some who think Harry's been finally getting some sun.

Just like born-again war hawk Nancy Pelosi can't get enough of kicking a little butt in Syria, so will Harry Reid. Count on it.

That is all from Nevada. Will be back on line as needed.