Whose 'vision' is it anyway

Let's focus for a moment on the Nevada Vision Stakeholder Group. It's a funded creature of the Legislature designed to "vision" a strategic plan for Nevada's quality of life goals.

You can read more about NVSG and see who's on it by clicking here.

Weirdly, the chair of NVSG, which is tasked with determining Nevada's long term vision is Robert E. Lang, a scholar who moved to Nevada in January. I'm sure professor Lang is a nice enough guy. No doubt competent. But January? NVSG's chair doesn't know the freeway exits, much less what ticks in the hearts and souls of Nevadans. You'd think we' have just a little more pride than that.

But I digress. The fact that the head of the Nevada Vision Stakeholder Group hasn't been in Nevada long enough to have his cable hooked up shouldn't constitute the major concern about NVSG for Nevadans. (BTW, welcome to Nevada, Bob. Stop by for coffee sometime. I rarely bite people in person.)

Skeptics, such as myself, see this exercise as little more than a ploy to exponentially raise taxes and transfer wealth under the spectacularly false premise that government has an important role to play in anyone's quality of life. Beyond public safety and basic infrastructure, I've found that my own quality of life stems not from government, but from faith, family and freedom.

It is the private sector, not government, that drives true quality of life, isn't it?