Why carve out big unions from disclosure?

Complete Las Vegans will want to read the thoughts of Mark Mix, the president of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation and the National Right to Work Committee.

He begins:

"Imagine the outcry if McDonalds executives demanded that franchise owners collect 'voluntary' contributions totaling $25,000 for the company’s Political Action Committee (PAC) from employees at every restaurant.

"What if the fast food titan’s headquarters followed up with a threat - pay us, or face a $37,500 fine? Do you think this heavy-handed scheme would raise a few eyebrows at the Federal Election Commission (FEC)?

"Replace “McDonalds” with “SEIU” in that description and you’ve got a pretty good idea of Big Labor’s latest political fund-raising strategy."

Whether you are sympathetic to Mix's point of view or to the union way of thinking, the question remains -- why the special treatment?

You can read the full op-ed piece here.