You gotta love this Pope

This is my all-time favorite story about the new pope.

According to Italy's Il Messagero, a young woman by the name of Anna Romano got pregnant by her lover, who then told her to get an abortion.

The young mother, who has been divorced once, wrote the pope about her situation.

Did the pope write back?


Did he delegate it to a local priest?


What he did was he picked up the phone and called her. Here's how she recounted the phone call:

“I was stunned. I listened to his words: He had read my letter, he reassured me that the baby was a gift from God, a sign of Providence. He told me that I would never be left alone.

“He filled my heart with joy when he told me that I was very brave and strong for my child. When I told him that I intended to baptize but I was afraid that is not possible because I am a single mother, already divorced, he reassured me, saying: 'I am convinced that you will not have trouble finding a spiritual father, but if not, know that there is always me.' "

I don't care who you are, that's a cool story. The woman says she's afraid no priest will baptize her baby and the pope says "there is always me"

I have a feeling we're going to hear a lot more stories like this from this pope.