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Obama over-thought Foley rescue

Before too much time goes by and world events allow the beheading of American journalist James Foley to slip into yesterday’s news, it’s important to underline what Pentagon sources are saying about the botched rescue attempt.

We need a bigger president

If world events become yardsticks for greatness in leaders — big Abraham Lincoln sought to end slavery while little Stephen A. Douglas sought to accommodate it — then the rapid rise of worldwide Islamic terrorism leaves little doubt as to the Lilliputian stature of Barack Obama.

When government ‘protects’ you …

If you let the federal government act on your behalf — feed and clothe you, give you a place to live — sooner or later some yahoo from the “Bureau Of Weknowbest” will show up at your doorstep with a pair of nut-cutters.

Reid’s mini-stroke

In the dog-days of summer political writers look for column fodder like a desert tortoise looks for shade. Nevada’s most senior senator, Harry Reid, is as good a topic as any and Jon Ralston bravely took that up this weekend.

The EPA used as a blunt instrument

The Obama Administration, frustrated by its inability to work with Congress, decided to enact its view of how things ought to be by executive order and lawless rule changes deep within federal agencies such as the EPA.