Amanda Enfield — and her husband’s team — bounced from Pac-12 Tournament

Southern Cal is out of the Pac-12 men’s basketball tournament at the MGM Grand after only one round.

So is Andy Enfield, the Trojans’ first-year coach.

So is Amanda Enfield, Andy’s wife.

CBS Sports college basketball analyst Doug Gottlieb will not be pleased.

Amanda Enfield was a supermodel before she met Andy Enfield and started a family. She was Amanda Marcum then. She appeared on the cover of Maxim magazine. She posed for lots of photographs, and sometimes when she did this, she did not wear a lot of clothing.

Last year, when her husband’s former team, Florida Gulf Coast, was making its run in the NCAA Tournament — and the CBS cameras kept showing her cheering while sporting a tank top and a pouty expression — this is what Doug Gottlieb wrote on Twitter:

“Katherine Webb’s 15 minutes are up. This is Amanda Marcum’s time.”

Katherine Webb is the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron. She’s sort of good-looking, too. Just ask Brent Musburger.

Colorado beat USC 59-56, dropping the Trojans to 11-21.

After the game, the first thing a lot of guys wanted to know was had an 11-21 team ever received an at-large berth to the NCAA Tournament. And if not, would it be asking too much for the Big Sky champion to step aside.