Is it too late to become a Padres fan?

Because the Cubs started the day tied for first place, I decided to watch their game against the Pirates on Opening Day.

Bad decision. Should have been overturned by instant replay.

Chicago lost to Pittsburgh 1-0 in 10 innings.

This new guy the Cubs picked up, Emilio Bonifacio, had four hits (which is good) and got picked off twice (which is not so good).

The first time he was out but got called safe when the Pirates’ first baseman dropped the ball.

The second time he was safe but got called out on this new umpire challenge.

(The Cubs had made their own umpire challenge earlier in the game. Naturally, that one was not overturned.)

At least the Cubs made history, or so I thought. It was reported they would go down as the first victims of a successful umpire challenge.

Turns out a few minutes earlier, the Brewers Ryan Braun was called safe at first base while legging out an apparent infield single. Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez challenged, and 58 seconds later, the call was reversed and the big-eyed Braun made the slow jog back to the dugout.

So it was a pretty frustrating opener for Chicago loyalists, losing a game 1-0 like that and stranding a bunch of guys in scoring position and not making history, even if it was dubious history.

It was still March, and I already was considering giving up on the Cubs for this season and becoming a fan of the Padres, or somebody like that.