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Terri Schlichenmeyer

‘True Story’ is a great teen read if you can slip past the slang

Oh, it’s nice to see Seven McKnight again. In “True Story,” we get a chance to catch up on where she’s been and who she’s dating, and we get to spend some time with her friends, too. That’s fun — if you can understand what’s being said in the conversations between the characters. Like other books in this series, Simone uses lots of slang in this book which, while it makes the story authentic, also can make it hard to grasp. On the flipside, there’s enough humor in this book and the characters are appealing enough to make a reader want to stick around and, happily, the confusion eventually takes care of itself.

“Crazy about Basketball!” bounces kids through the game in rhyme

Using verse to speak to young athletes, Lesynski highlights the excitement of the game and all its facets to kids for can’t get enough hoops. I liked the way author Loris Lesynski moves between spectator and player POVs here (for kids who are one or the other), and the action-packed cartoon drawings by Gerry Rasmussen just add to the enjoyment.

Kids can pass the time until Christmas with family treasury

Like most kids, you love it when someone reads one of your favorite Christmas stories aloud. You probably enjoy singing Christmas carols, too. “The Family Christmas Treasury” will help you do both by including the words to some of those songs you love, along with several holiday story favorites.

Book review: "The Snatchabook" by Helen and Thomas Docherty

The other night at bedtime, there was big trouble. You went to grab your favorite storybook and… it was gone! You looked under the bed. You searched in your toybox. You peeked into the closet, the kitchen, beneath the sofa, in the laundry, and in your brother’s bedroom. Where could it be? You’re not sure, but if you read “The Snatchabook” by Helen Docherty & Thomas Docherty, I think you’ll know.