Hauck acknowledges challenges against Wisconsin

Highlights of UNLV football coach Bobby Hauck on this morning's Mountain West Conference teleconference:

First impressions after taking over the Rebels: "At our first team meeting, I asked where all the big guys were. We didn't have a big football team. When we had our first practice, my first impression was they were hungry and wanted to win. That's my impression now."

Stopping Wisconsin's running game with a UNLV run defense that has struggled: "No one stopped Wisconsin last year much at all. I don't think whether you shut Wisconsin down in terms of the running game shows whether you've improved or not. This week won't determine whether we've made any progress. With that being said, we're going to try."

Advantages over Wisconsin: "We don't have to travel. These first games are hard. They're not in our league. I haven't coached against Wisconsin since 1995. Nor have many on our staff have. We don't know them. They don't know us."