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Like Rams mascot, UNLV predictably makes a mess

They can tweet all the expletives they want, and they can set world-record times for getting from a morgue of a locker room to a morgue of a bus, and they can talk about being disappointed until every flake of snow has melted atop the Rockies, but UNLV's basketball team has only itself to blame for its Mountain West Conference standing today.

Rebels have plenty to play for

FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- Without hesitation, sophomore forward Mike Moser explained what's on the line in UNLV's final road game. "Just about everything," he said. The Rebels are walking a tightrope on the road, and another false step could cost them...

Lopez eager to aid Rebels' stretch drive

If Carlos Lopez could, he would ask for a mulligan and start his sophomore season over. But there are no mulligans in basketball, and UNLV's 6-foot-11-inch forward from Findlay Prep by way of Puerto Rico is trying to get through a frustrating season...

Rebels regroup for stretch run

By immersing himself in Twitter, junior guard Anthony Marshall has sought to develop a strong connection with UNLV basketball fans, for better or worse. Most times, Marshall enjoys the interaction. But last week represented the worst of times, and...