ENTERTAINMENT: Back to one 'Fab Four'

  The duel between two dueling “Fab Four” Beatles tributes is temporarily over, but the head of  “Fab Four Mania” vows to reopen elsewhere in Las Vegas after closing at the Riviera.
  "Mania," the more established of the two titles, last performed at 10 p.m. Wednesday in the Riviera’s main showroom. Originally, the show planned to reopen Feb. 8 after taking a break concurrent with its roommate title, “ICE: The Show from Russia” (the two were sharing stagehand costs).
  Now, "Fab Four" leader Ron McNeil says he will instead “look for a better spot” than the financially troubled Riviera and an earlier show time. “We lunged into that thing,” he says of landing there in October. “Now we want to regroup and plan like we should have to begin with.”
  The move came after two members of the long-running tribute act defected and opened “Fab Four Live,” at the V Theatre in the Miracle Mile retail mall at Planet Hollywood. McNeil says he still plans to sue the other group for using a similar name and creating confusion in the marketplace.
  (Pictured: The first "Fab Four" before its split into two rival groups.)