MOVIES: Animation makes the world go 'round

  The world of animation visits Las Vegas' Sunrise Library this Sunday (Jan. 11) with a showcase of animated shorts from around the world.
  Hubbub: The Las Vegas Global Animation Showcase, organized by the Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival, features a full range of animated shorts, from funny to dramatic, mainstream to experimental. One expected highlight: "Moongirl," pictured at right, from director Henry Selick ("James and the Giant Peach," the upcoming "Coraline").
  The free showcase runs from noon to 2:30 p.m. Sunday at the Sunrise Library theater, 5400 Harris Ave., and will be followed by a free screening of "The Mummy," starring Brendan Fraser.
  The program is a prelude to the first-ever Las Vegas International Children's Film Festival in June, when the same shorts will screen again. For schedule and other information, click on or call (760) 453-2922.