MOVIES: Special screenings — the 'Perfect' horror house tour

It's three horror movies in one Thursday night, May 19, at the Sci-Fi Center as "The Perfect House" checks in as part of its "Return to the Perfect House Tour."

The movie focuses on a house that consistently attracts suspicious owners — and keeps its secrets locked in the basement. A horror anthology, each of three separate vignettes salutes horror movies of the past: the first, set in the early ’70s, has a Hitchcockian feel, while the second segment takes place during the 1980s' slasher craze. The third section gets a contemporary torture-porn treatment.

Writer/director/producer Kris Hulbert, co-director Randy Kent and actor William Robertson will follow the "Perfect House" screening with a question-and-answer session about the movie.

The screening will take place at 8 p.m. Thursday at the Sci-Fi Center, at Village Square Commercial Center, upstairs, at 900 Karen Ave., Suite D-202, Las Vegas (here's a Google map link). Tickets are free but must be obtained online at this website:

And for more information on the movie, check out the movie's website at