MOVIES: Take me out to the multiplex ...

  Play ball ... and roll film. Las Vegas-based filmmaker Robert Cochrane's award-winning documentary "Boys of Summer" heads for home base Sept. 10 with a benefit premiere at Galaxy Theatres' downtown Neonopolis multiplex, then slides into a six-day regular run there.
  "Boys of Summer" follows Robert Cochrane and his father Dan on their two-month, 20,000-mile pilgrimage to each of North America's 30 Major League ballparks.
  Their journey began in 1990, when the father-and-son duo visited seven stadiums over the course of two summers. In 2001, however, after Dan Cochrane was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, the two of them hit the road to visit their fields of dreams.
  Cochrane's documentary about the trip has appeared on the film-festival circuit; the Neonopolis run represents its first regular theatrical engagement.
  Cochrane considers the Neonopolis run a "launching pad" for future engagements, with a possible Los Angeles release to follow. His parents, who are based in Northern California, plan to attend Friday's benefit gala. (Cochrane reports that his father is "doing well, thankfully," adding that "he manages his disease well.")
  The premiere and regular screenings of "Boys of Summer" will raise awareness of, and funds for, the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. For more information on "Boys of Summer'," check out the movie's Web site at